Saturday, June 12, 2010

EXP3: SketchUp components

the Power of Speech...

Final Bridge, Offices, Elevators
Angela Merkel (left)
Helen Keller (right)

Angela Merkel's Office
Business: Council for Women - Rights and Participation

Interior perspective

Ruby coloured textile line all walls and features to capture a sense of authority yet elegance Merkel exhibits.

Cross section elevation

The overall shape of Merkel's office visually defines her career life, that progressed exponentially, portrayed by the rapidly increasing curvature of the exterior lining.
Notice the floor depression set for a small conference.

Helen Keller's Office
Business: Bookshop inc. Braille readings

Exterior perspective & Elevator

The textured wall placed before the office opening highlights its functional use to guide Keller to the elevator. The elevator is inspired by her love for books (and her "hunger for knowledge"), with the outline of flipping pages of an opened book. Notice the elevator is literally extended from the mouth (of the profile-shaped space) that depicts the Power of Speech, which enabled Keller to actively participate and voice her socialists views.

Interior perspective - corridor

The wall with cylindrical extrusion symbolises Keller's barrier to the Unknown due to her blindness and deafness. However, the corridor guides her way through the "darkness" and allows her to recognise the office through this distinctive feature. The transparent quality of the office reveals the bridge's supporting element (book stack) that places Keller "on top", thus convey her knowledge has surmounted the disabilities.

Dining Table for Lunch Meeting

The dining table has a longitudinal emphasis that allows the "gradual" meeting for the clients, Merkel and Keller. The base is also in the form of an open book (inspired by image source). The textured table is positioned next to a side support in order to provide an unobstructed route for Keller (further right side of table) and handrails as guides.



Books for Inspiration

Reclaimed by nature

Words create worlds

A book shelf for the miscellaneous