Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Prologue


This is my Major Work submission for Year 12 HSC Textiles & Design 2009 categorised under “Textiles Art”. I created a wearable piece of art where the pair of boots posed as an intertextual feature of the Glass Slipper in the Walt Disney Cinderella production. A wide variety of textural features embellishing has been integrated into this pair of asymmetrical boots that is also aesthetically beautiful and harmonious in its colours and textures. The role in which high-heels play in affecting a woman’s figure and stance was a vital source of inspiration where the circular heels are the fundamental features of the design. On one side, a rotating wheel was positioned into the cylinder case, mimicking the wheel of the Pumpkin Coach. A real clock was integrated into the other, portraying the Clock that “stroke at midnight” in the fairytale. The “roundness” of this focal feature depicts the “curvy” women figure and femininity, and is subtly intriguing with its gentle changes in direction. High-heels also symbolize the acquired confidence “lift” once women slip their feet in a pair, producing a voluptuous, feminine look.


This is an image of The Venetian Macau – Resort - Hotel I went for a vacation with my family in 2008 since the resort’s official opening on 23rd August 2007. The Venetian Macau is a luxury hotel and casino resort in Macau owned by the Las Vegas Corporation that was modelled upon The Venetian in Las Vegas. Being the largest single structure hotel building in Asia, it is also the 4th largest building in the world, according to its area covering 980,000 m2. The Venetian’s casino is largest in the world and it was indeed a disappointment that I was under-aged, with no opportunity to place myself in its arena to admire the interior structure of this world-renown construction. With its accommodation offering 3000 suites, the $2.4 billion resort hotel has ascertained that Las Vegas Sands Corporation will follow Adelson’s proposal to extend his investment of $12 billion on the 7 resort hotels down the Cotai Strip, building over 20 000 hotel rooms by 2010.


This is an original photograph I took of the mango tree in our backyard 2 summers ago, after coming home from a family vacation to find its fruit buds have ripened into beautiful mangoes over the month, casually hanging within the shady regions of its leaves and branches. Surrounded by the wild grass against the backyard fence, the mango tree has reflected the “green” of Australia’s sunny weather, allowing plants and fruits to grow despite concerns of the droughts and bushfires that have always affected our country. However, 2009/2010 summer did not encourage a healthy growth of the mangoes, where most fruit buds have either dried up before further development or split through the middle prior to being ripe. We now all wonder, will this mango tree ever look as lively in the coming years as it is in this photograph?


Foreigner, interlocked, captivating


Kinship, embrace, warm


Insect, illuminating, curious