Saturday, May 1, 2010

EXP2 SUBMISSION: 5 Image Captures on Crysis Wars

Electroliquid Aggregation Quote:
"Fools’ experiments are like computer viruses that should count as life, saying something about human nature where the only form of life we have always been making so far is purely destructive."

Image #1: 6pm - DARWIN's laboratory

The casting of shadows from a natural source of light displays the notion of human sentimentality. This is placed in contrast to the disruptive features that structurally spreads extensively across the landscape.

Image #2: 12pm - Upon the structure

Image #3: 12pm - HAWKING's laboratory

Image #4: 12pm - Map of structure & surrounding environment on Crysis

Repetitive terrestrial pillars metaphorically depicts the devastating impacts of computer viruses, whereby the structure (integrated within its centre, visually conveys a sense of destruction by these overwhelming landform features.

Image #5: 11pm - Whole structure: 9 rectangular prisms
(5 solids & 3 negative components)

The artificial lighting highlights the idea of experimentation in architectural structures, as it is in pure sense that curiosity is the predominant cause for humans to create, and subsequently to be destroyed.

EXP2 SUBMISSION - 36 textures

Friday, April 30, 2010

Lecture 7 - The Black Box Reflection

Erika Kruger's project "The Black Box, The Concealed Room" captivates aspects of The Shadow within a spectrum of perspectives, where Book 5: "Shadow in Repetition" presents different axonometric outlooks of a proposed art gallery. This slide highlights the idea of structural repetition where components have been integrated along an extent of a wall section (on the left) in that the casting of a light source from above, creates a sense of correlation between the physical objects and their "lively" shadows. A narrowed snapshot of the complex (on the right), depicts the consequence of lighting through negative prisms carved out of a stretch of repetitive structural features.

In modification to my work, I plan to develop terrestrial pillars to depict a distinctive landform that emphasises the idea of repetition, in that the effects of lighting and shadow poses a significant perspective upon a structure consisting solid blocks and negative prisms.

Source: Erika Kruger: BOOK 5 - Shadow in Repetition from "The Black Box, The Concealed Room"